This big update brought the deleted message in WhatsApp, seeing the user said that it was fun, how will it work?

WhatsApp New Update: In today’s time, whoever has a smartphone, he definitely keeps Whatsapp in his smartphone and use it to talk to his friends, share videos, share photos and other things. makes use of. Let us tell you for your information that Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app in the whole world which works for almost all languages. But every day some updates keep coming in it, which becomes a solution to your biggest problem. That’s why you should know and learn all the updates of your whatsapp well. Today we are going to tell you about a new update of WhatsApp in this post, knowing that you will be very relieved. Let’s know.

WhatsApp New Update
Now if friends, you also want to know this WhatsApp New Update, then for this you have to first update your WhatsApp. If you do not get this update in your WhatsApp, then what you have to do, then stay with this post till the end, let us now tell you in detail about this update.

How to set full photo on whatsapp
How to set full photo on whatsapp

WhatsApp New Update
What is this WhatsApp New Update
If you talk about this new update of WhatsApp, then it is related to your chatting. Actually, when you are chatting with your friends or anyone else on WhatsApp. Sometimes it happens that you have sent a wrong message and then now you want to delete it permanently, but as soon as you hold on that message, that message is on Delete For Me in a hurry. But you had to do that Delete For Everyone. So what to do now.

Now let us tell you that this update has been done by WhatsApp to solve a similar problem. Due to this update, you can recover the message made on any of your Delete For Me, that is, you can UNDO it. Now when you delete any message for me, then you will get a button of UNDO at the same bottom so that you will be able to bring that message back.

How will this update come
So friends, as we have informed you about this new update above, then you will like this update very much, because it will solve your big problem. But after the arrival of this update, some people say that it has not come in our WhatsApp. So if this update has not been seen on your WhatsApp also. Then you have to update your whatsapp or you have to join Whatsapp Beta. If you want to join Whatsapp Beta, then you can do it very easily by clicking on the link given below.

Today we have told you about a recent Whatsapp New Update in this post which is very useful for you. Hope you liked this whatsapp update and got to learn something new, then you must tell us by commenting and you can also follow us. So this was it friends in this post, see you with another new update till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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