Hide Whatsapp Blue Tick | How To disable Blue Tick On Whatsapp


Hello friends, welcome to our new post today, we will talk about how to disable Blue Tick On Whatsapp or how to remove blue tick from your whatsapp, nowadays everyone must have a smartphone and there is an app in that phone or If it is not whatsapp, then everyone definitely goes, so today we will tell you how to remove the blue tick that comes under your messages, How To disable Blue Tick On Whatsapp,

Whether it is necessary to disable blue tick in whatsapp or not;-

Friends, every day we keep talking to our friends all day, many times it happens that we keep our phone and when we pick it up, we see that one of our friends has given us a lot of messages, if we share his messages. If he reads the message, then there are two tick marks below the messages, they turn blue, then he will know that he has read my messages, blue tick means that the messages have been read.

How To disable Blue Tick On Whatsapp


How To disable Blue Tick On Whatsapp

How To disable Blue Tick On Whatsapp

If we are free then we reply, and sometimes it happens that we also have to read someone’s messages and think that he does not even know that we have read his messages, so today We will tell you that even if you read someone’s messages and still they will not know anything, let’s know how to turn off blue tick from your whatsapp,

whatsapp me blue tick ko kaise disable kare:-
1-First you have to open your whatsapp

2-Now you have to click on 3 dots

3- Now many options will come in front of you, out of them you have to click on setting.

4- Then you have to click on the account option

5- After clicking, a new page will open, then you have to sell the privacy

6- Now you will see an option to read receipts, the tick mark which is attached in it has to be removed, now whatever messages you read, the sender will not know anything.

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